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We hope you enjoyed watching these films, and would be very grateful if you can please answer a few questions that would help us to make our future films even more responsive to your needs. We would value your candid comments -- you may choose whether or not to disclose your name and other information.


A Viewing Information
1. Which film/films did you watch? (mark all applicable responses)
Cambodia: Floating the Future Nepal: Voice of a Valley
India: Living the Change The Philippines: Rising from the Ashes
Laos: It's alive! Thailand: Smile Again!
2. How did you watch this/these films? (please select)
On television At a small group screening in a public place
When broadcast on a channel Online at YouTube
On DVD at home Online at “Saving the Planet” website
  If you selected Other, please describe below
3. How did you find out about the films? (mark all applicable responses)
Mailers on net Information passed on by NGO/group
Advertisement Posters/ public announcements
  If you selected Other, please describe below
4. Did you watch the film/s alone or in the company of others? (please select)
  If with others. Please describe with whom:
Family Colleagues
Friends Students
Unknown Public    
5. If you watched with others, did you discuss the film/s after you finished watching them?
Yes   No
  If yes, was the discussion:
Spontaneous (just happened) or         Facilitated by someone
  Can you recall three observations made by the group on any aspect of these film/s:
(max 100 characters)
6. After watching, did you want to find more information on the project/s featured in the film/s?
Yes   No
B Feedback on the film series
1. Please rate your overall impressions about the relevance and usefulness of each film (in your context) on an upward scale of 1 to 5, where:

1 = Not relevant and useful                           4 = Very relevant and useful
2 = Somewhat relevant and useful                 5 = Suits my needs perfectly
3 = Relevant and useful


(Please tick only one number per film) 1 2 3 4 5
Cambodia: Floating the Future
India: Living the Change
Laos: It's alive
Nepal: Voice of a Valley
The Philippines: Rising from the Ashes
Thailand: Smile Again!
2. What aspects of the film/s did you enjoy the most? (Please tick all applicable responses):
Stories/Projects themselves Characters in the films
Format and style of the films Message
  If other please describe below:
(max 250 characters)
3. What aspects of the films did you dislike? Please explain briefly
(max 250 characters)
4. Did you learn any new information from these films? If so, what?
(max 250 characters)
5. In your opinion, what is the main message of the Saving the Planet films?
(max 250 characters)
C Your Personal Information (this section is optional - you may leave it blank)
  Your Name:
  Contact address:
  Contact No:
  Email address:

We thank the Centre for Environment Education (CEE) India for advice
in developing this form