Partners in Saving the Planet

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At TVE Asia Pacific, we always rely on partnerships to enhance our outreach, influence and impact. We look for the common ground with many and varied partner organisations at national, regional and global levels. More about partnerships…

For Saving the Planet, we worked closely with the custodians of the good news stories we filmed.

First, we 'crowd-sourced' the stories that were eventually filmed in Saving the Planet: all were submitted as ideas or nominations in a public competition held in early 2007.

Once stories were selected, we made contact with their custodians – social enterprises, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and a community media group among them. They are:

The stories were researched and filmed with their support, but on an editorially independent basis. Additionally, their representatives joined a regional workshop in Khao Lak, Thailand, to build their public communication skills using mainstream and new media.

Saving the Planet was filmed in each country by a locally based, internationally experienced TV and video crew. They worked with a roving director/producer from TVEAP. Their credits are listed under each story.