Saving the Planet: Series 1

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Potential additional reading materials for STP films
General – ESD and Communicating ESD

1. Reporters asked to join the fight to educate the public about preserving the world's resources
Media Needed to tout sustainability – Reporters asked to join the fight to educate the public about preserving the worlds resources: article in “Bangkok Post”, by Jessada Salathong, Published on 14/07/2009.

2. Media as Partners in education for sustainable development: A training and resource kit.
Authors: Eleanor Bird, Richard Luts, Christine Warwick, Published by UNESCO, 2008.
3. Communicating Sustainable Development: A practical guide for communications and media professionals – Part 2: Mass media and sustainability.
Authors: Prof. Walter Leal, Joachim Borner, Published by COMPlus Alliance of Communicators for Sustainable Development,
Community based Waste Management
1. 3R Good Practices Implemented by NGOs/CBOs, 3R Good practices in Indonesia.
2. Innovative ways to promote community based composting.
Article on solid waste management, Case review in Bangladesh, Case reviewer: Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad Memon
3. Programme Planning and Evaluation: Monitoring and Evaluation: Review of Selected Projects in the Thematic Area of Poverty Reduction
Community Based Solid Waste Management: Publication of UN-ESCAP
4. Community Based Solid Waste Management in Slums (Bombay, India)
Website of IDRC Canada.
5. Decentralized and Community Based Solid Waste Management Project
Website of UNESCAP.
Youth and ESD
1. Education for a Sustainable Future: International conference, Ahamadabad, India
18 -20 January 2005:  Workshop recommendations, Published by CEE India
2. Youth for Sustainable Development (YSD)
Website of Eco UNESCO
3. Engaging youth in Sustainable Development: Learning and Teaching Sustainable Development in Lower Secondary Schools.
Michela Mayer, Johannes Tschapka (Eds), Published by Environment and School Initiatives (ENSI) Ministry of Education of the Flemish Community Curriculum Department, Belgium, May 2008.
Media/Radio for ESD
1. Radio for Sustainable Development
Indian Pirate Radio and Sustainable Development. by Alex Steffen, World Changing Change Your Thinking, March 2004.
2. Media for Sustainable Development
Media for Sustainable Development Content Survey: A Baseline Study Report On Sustainable Development Content/Themes for Community Radio Stations in Africa and Central America. Study report submitted to Open Society Foundation, South Africa

Traditional knowledge / Community driven sustainable development

1. Community Driven-Development: Empowering Communities in Haiti,
Website of World Bank.
2. Traditional Knowledge and Sustainable Development, draft for discussion
Author: Ashish Kothari, Publication of International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), September 2007.
3. Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Sustainable Development: Towards Coexistence
by Deborah McGregor, Website of IDRC Canada
4. Sustainable Development: Linking Traditional and Scientific Knowledge for Sustainable Development
(organised by UNESCO, Tebtebba Foundation and ICSU, in cooperation with the International Chamber of Commerce), Address by Walter Erdelen, Assistant Director General for Natural Sciences, UNESCO, Johannesburg, 29 August 2002.